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For ease of access, this page lists important organizational documents and our most recent newsletters. Most of the organizational documents are cross-listed in appropriate committee spaces, but we provide them here for ease of reference.

IUP-APSCUF Bylaws (2016)
Online Faculty Handbook (2016)
Temporary Faculty Guide (2016)

Nominations and Elections

Election 2017 Calendar - Preliminary
2017 Nomination Form for University Wide Committees
2017 Nomination Form for Delegate to Legislative Assembly


Statement of Promotion Policies and Procedures - NEW (pdf)

Promotion Forms and Instructions (Located at IUP AcademicAffairs Website)


Sabbatical Forms and Instructions (Located at IUP AcademicAffairs Website)


Tenure Forms and Instructions (Located at IUP AcademicAffairs Website)


Questions and Answers
Questions and Answers Part 2

Our Newsletters

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