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Faculty have the opportunity to exercise of the rights and responsibilites of shared governance primarily through local committees. These committees and groups help us to divide the workload, specialize in our functions, and insure that the interests of the faculty at large are respected. They allow APSCUF to capitalize upon the differences of opinion and perspective within the union which, when voiced, allow the organization to maximize its responsiveness -- from bottom to top.

The individual committee pages provide basic information such as scope, membership, and ongoing work. Additional reports and governing documents are posted elsewhere.

Decision-Making Bodies

Legislative Assembly

Representative Council

Executive Committee

University-Wide Committees

University Wide Committees Charts 2023

Shared Governance

Curriculum Committee
Meet & Discuss

Benefits and Contractual Issues

Health and Welfare
Social Justice Committee
Temporary Faculty
Newer Faculty/Coaches


Public Relations
Committee for Action Through Politics (CAP)
Faculty Education for Action Committee

The Good of the Order

Membership Committee
Nominations and Elections
Rules and By-Laws

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